How Window Replacement Can Benefit You and Your Business

April 16, 2018

Business owners with windows know that large glass windows offer a number of benefits. First, passersby can clearly see what’s inside the store while walking down the street. That can help attract potential customers. Second, windows allow sunlight to flood your store on bright days. This creates a pleasing atmosphere for those shopping in your store. Unfortunately, these big windows can be problematic if they shatter or start to crack. Continue reading to learn how commercial remodeling contractors in Gloucester, NJ can help you and your business by replacing your windows:

  • Improve appearance: Without a nice looking storefront, you’ll never be able to attract a single customer. Think about it—who’s going to walk into a store with old, dirty and cracked windows? Nobody! Luckily, you can easily fix the problem of an unattractive-looking storefront by replacing your windows. Give us a call today to replace them and watch the customers start to roll in once again.
  • Increase property value: Needless to say, broken windows drive down the value of your business property. Your store looks bad, which hurts its value, and anything that’s damaged only makes your property worth less money. Reach out to us today to replace your windows and keep your property value as high as possible!
  • Boost security: Sadly, windows are an easy entry point for any would-be criminals; that’s definitely one of their downfalls. They’re always security risks since they’re so easy to break, but they’re an even bigger concern when the glass is cracked. The smallest cracks or chips weaken your window’s structural integrity, making it easier than ever for someone to break into your store. Contact us today to replace your windows and keep your business safe!

Signs your windows should be replaced

Now that we’ve seen why you should replace your windows, it’d be good to learn some signs that it’s time to have them replaced:

  • Shattered glass: The most obvious sign that you need to replace your windows is if they’re shattered. Whether they’re shattered by a vandal or by a natural cause, you should have them replaced as soon as possible. Any shattered glass looks awful, can turn away potential customers and poses a security risk to your property.
  • Cracks: If a glass window is reinforced, it can take a lot to make it shatter—it’s much more likely to crack first! These cracks can start out small and slowly grow wider and longer. Eventually, the window could totally collapse if the crack is bad enough. Before that happens, contact us to have it replaced. A crack is a hazard to your business’ security, as well as the safety of your customers.
  • Age: Sometimes, you don’t need to wait until your windows break before you call commercial remodeling contractors in Gloucester, NJ for replacement. Older windows tend to look shoddy and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Whether your windows are broken or just old, be sure you give S A Whitley Builders a call to replace them!

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