Commercial Fit Outs Becoming a Trendy Option in Businesses: Info About Commercial Remodeling in Gloucester, NJ

March 14, 2018

Even in an era in which more people are working remotely than ever before (thanks to improvements in technology), there are some businesses that are placing more of an emphasis on the importance of face-to-face interaction. However, this is happening in a time in which businesses are also scaling down their workstations and office spaces.

This combination of factors has led to a rise in commercial fit outs. Well-designed fit outs help businesses breathe some new life into their office spaces. Here are some of the current trends you may have seen popping up in this market:

  • Shrinking workstations: The square footage of individual workspaces is dramatically shrinking, partially due to a desire by business owners to create more space for informal interaction and meetings. This is also due to technological innovations—there’s no longer a need for desktop phones, for example. Laptops and computers have also become more efficient, and in many sectors, paper files have been almost entirely eliminated.
  • Open plans: Workspaces are also trending toward becoming more open. Partitions were once used to separate workspaces and add privacy, but they are either havingtheir heights lowered or are being trashed entirely as a means of encouraging more interaction and collaboration in the workplace. Keep in mind that removing private offices or workspaces could have an effect on employee and executive morale, so implementing an open workspace plan is not a decision that should be entered into lightly.
  • Managing noise: Open floor plans are often associated with a greater amount of noise in office spaces. There are fit outs that can be designed to provide quiet via enclosed spaces available for any employee to use. Think of a “quiet booth” area in a college library, for example. People can work in these private rooms whenever they wish to do so if they need to have some quiet time.
  • Flexibility: Today’s fit outs also prioritize flexibility in office spaces. Many businesses find it beneficial to have workspaces they can easily adjust and customize based on needs in a given week, month, year, etc. This means working in demountable partitions, sliding doors, raised and movable flooring, movable walls, standardized fixtures and furniture and other elements that can make it easy to quickly reconfigure office spaces.
  • Branding: Many businesses use fit outs as a means of enhancing their branding. This doesn’t just involve using logos andcompany colors. It can also mean implementing sustainable initiatives in an effort to achieve LEED certification, or other initiatives that tell visitors more about who you are as a company.

These are just a few of the most common trends associated with office fit outs. Their flexibility and affordability has made them a popular option for commercial remodeling in Gloucester, NJ. To learn more about the various fit out options available to your business and to get a sense of the scale of the job you have in mind, we encourage you to contact the team at S A Whitley Builders today.

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